“I am honored to be able to help individuals access the fulfilling, meaningful life they desire. I have profound respect for the Human struggle and know that the wounds we carry are both old and new.”

Gossamer Psychotherapy

My Approach

Of course, there is not a singular theory that can be universally applied to therapy. To do so would be to entirely miss the mark, and would be an injustice to the individual. Rather, I strive to bring a unique integrative depth approach tailored to each individual that actively engages the psyche and repairs the relationship to Self.

I aim to help individuals find value, meaning, and purpose in their lives. Treatment is meant to make the client aware of their actions and deepen their understanding of themselves; thus relieving symptoms and improving relationships. I like to explore how to use freedom to fully and authentically realize human nature; and work to educate the mind and encourage the will to accept and live within the expressive limits of human nature. Exploration is rooted in philosophical inquiry and a deep respect for ancient wisdom, the human condition, and the sovereignty of the individual.

Outside of clinical practice, I am a musician who enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, and collecting vinyl records (varying genres). I have a background in studio art and education in addition to my studies in psychology; and have dabbled in intaglio printmaking, sculpting/ceramics, and teaching English/lit. Like many Minnesotans, am also an avid outdoors enthusiast who is quite at home in the wilderness. I have a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and am a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC).

The tools we need to survive and thrive are within.

A Unique Approach

Good therapy is not 'One-size-fits-all.' I offer a unique approach that is tailored to each individual.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible appointment scheduling for weekdays, evenings, and weekends.


Learn the skills to build a better you and strengthen relationships with others. What's in your best interest can change the world.

Why Gossamer Psychotherapy?

Let’s face it:

The world is experiencing a crisis of poor mental health and lessened wellbeing. Modern culture has us hyper-focused on the external and ignoring our authentic inner drives. Other therapeutic models– while effective at treating symptoms in the short term– often end with the same distressing symptoms cropping up soon after. That approach of ‘patching’ people up and getting them back on the front line is not what you will find at Gossamer Psychotherapy. Here, the goal is to have a lasting impact on individuals and families by giving them the tools to align with Self, maintain that alliance, and live the balanced life they desire.

Gossamer Psychotherapy is rooted in Depth & Integrative psychology approaches to mental health and wellness because they incorporate philosophy, Logotherapy/Meaning, Existential, Spiritual/Jungian, Mindfulness, Cognitive/CBT, Developmental, Psychodynamic, and Multicultural psychology as well as others; and offer tools to enlighten the true self and honor the state of becoming each of us is in.

Daniel has been serving Minnesotans for the better part of a decade providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, children, and families; and has provided patient in-home adult rehabilitative mental health services, children’s therapeutic services and supports, youth and family advocacy, and social/emotional and behavioral support in schools.

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Insurance, Fees, ETC.

I accept and/or am in process of becoming an in-network provider with many major insurance companies serving Minnesota. Financial arrangements and/or sliding scale may be available based on need. Please inquire to discuss your options. Discounts are also offered for individuals and families who are willing to pay for services in full via credit card at the time of service.

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